Sku : Capri
Price: €10.90
Category: Pizza diva plus

cream, ham, fresh mushrooms, mozzarella & parmesana



Consumption of alcoholic beverages is permitted to persons over the age of 17. Prices are subjected to mandatory inspection and include: 24% VAT, 0,50% municipal tax, and waiter commission. The shop is obliged to keep pre-printing forms at a special position next to exit door for the submission of any complaints. The consumer is obliged to refuse payment if he is not provided with a valid receipt or invoice.

  • Roquefort cheese is blue cheese
  • Feta cheese is Greek
  • Parmesan is Italian grana pantana
  • he ham is of pork shoulder
  • The oil used in salads is virgin olive oil-
  • The oil used to fry potatoes is  corn oil or soybean oil or palm oil
  • The smoked salmon, potatoes, seafood, broccoli, all meat ingredients, chicken and desserts are frozen in order to keep their freshness until served.

If you are allergic to any food or ingredient, please inform us before you order